Bring your Upper Key Stage 2 classes on board for a day packed full of fun and engaging activities. We currently have sessions covering Science, Geography and History. All trips are available as half or full day, unless otherwise stated.

“It was so incredibly informative. The kids loved being on the canal and were so attentive because of how engaging the Floating Classroom teachers were. Special thanks to the skipper as well because my children asked a lot of questions and he was so good in just taking the time to talk to them. It was such an incredible day and the perfect way for them to round off the year, thank you so much for that”


Floating Though History

The Victorian Era comes to life while exploring the unique environment of the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals. Learn about the role of canals in society and use a range of historical sources, including artefacts, to understand more about life for ordinary working people in this historical period.

Available as a full day only.


Material World

Discover science in everyday life through these fun-filled materials workshops. Choose between ‘Bridging the Gap’, investigating the properties of common building materials and effective bridge design or ‘Crazy Changes’, exploring exciting changes of state – make a bath bomb to take away! Or combine both workshops for a full day session.


It’s Alive!

Understand how closely connected we are to the natural world through this hands-on biology session. Be systematic in classifying a range of living things around us and understand their place in the food chain. Explore the job played by each part of a plant.

Please note this session is not available December – February


Our Local Area

This session provides a fantastic insight into how the geography of our local area has been adapted to suit changing needs over time. Utilise map skills and develop fieldwork skills in an urban context.


Bright Sparks 

Explore how electricity powers objects around us and investigate how a circuit can be adapted to fit a purpose. Get powered up by physics in action.

Please note this is available as a half day only

Our trips are tailored to directly address National Curriculum learning objectives. Floating Classroom Upper Key Stage 2 programmes cover the following National Curriculum topics:

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Key Stage 1
Lower Key Stage 2
Upper Key Stage 2

In History:

  • A Local History Study OR Beyond 1066
  • Historical Enquiry
  • Using Sources as Evidence

In Geography:

  • Local Area / Human Themes
  • Fieldwork and Investigation

In Science:

  • Living Things and their Habitats
  • Working Scientifically
  • Electricity
  • Properties and Changes of Materials

For more detailed information on the trip content, costs and how to book, please contact Cameron Drysdale, our Learning Programme Manager, on 0203 214 3118 or via our contact page.