The Floating Classroom works in partnerships with schools to offer topic-based projects on the boat. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss one of our already established projects or have a new project in mind.

Meanwhile Gardens Classroom

With the generous support of the Postcode Lottery Trust, this summer the Floating Classroom is working in partnership with Meanwhile Gardens to offer pupils from primary schools in the surrounding area exciting outdoor learning experiences at the brand new Meanwhile Gardens Classroom.

The project seeks to foster engagement with the natural world for children who might have relatively little access to green spaces. Pupils will learn more about healthy eating, gain practical skills and have the opportunity to share and celebrate their learning with each other. By delivering these activities on-site at Meanwhile Gardens, we hope to establish a lasting relationship between participants and a rich local community space.






For more detailed information on the trip content, costs and how to book, please contact Cameron Drysdale, our Learning Programme Manager, on 0203 214 3118 or via our contact page.