Our trips for Key Stage 1 pupils are very popular, allowing children to explore the local area and work scientifically. These sessions are available as half or full day trips.

“Very effective teaching throughout the whole day! The Floating Classroom teacher had great energy, enthusiasm and curriculum knowledge! Lots of creativity in the activities and a nice element of exploration”

Year 1 Class Teacher


Amazing Animals

Explore the animal life in our local area and learn how these creatures have adapted to thrive in their environment. Investigate ways these animals can be sorted by different criteria including physical characteristics and diet. Spot all the amazing creatures!


Plants Around Us

Be a nature explorer and tune in to the natural world around us! Our local area is rich in plant life to discover as we travel along the waterways. Learn to identify wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees, as well as investigate what a seed needs to grow. Plant a seed to take away!

Please note this trip is not available from December to February.


Pirate Materials

Welcome aboard for our Pirate themed investigation of everyday materials! Spot the materials used to make everyday objects around us and decide which materials are best to make a treasure chest, as well as investigate what can be made using ‘rubbish’ materials. 


Our Local Area

The area around Little Venice has been busy with human activity for hundreds of years, but how has it changed over time? Take a tour by boat to investigate. Locate landmarks and compare present day and historical pictures and maps.

Our trips are tailored to directly address National Curriculum learning objectives. Floating Classroom Key Stage 1 programmes cover the following National Curriculum topics:

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Key Stage 1
Lower Key Stage 2
Upper Key Stage 2

In Geography:

  • Local Area
  • Human Themes
  • Fieldwork and Investigation

In Science:

  • Animals, including humans
  • Plants
  • Everyday Materials and their uses
  • Working Scientifically

For more detailed information on the trip content, costs and how to book, please contact Cameron Drysdale, our Learning Programme Manager, on 0203 214 3118 or via our contact page.