The Floating Classroom works in partnerships with schools to offer topic-based projects on the boat. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss one of our already established projects or have a new project in mind.

Life Afloat

Life Afloat is our 6-week local History and Geography project for Year 5. This interactive, topic-based project sees the children experiencing first-hand the history of the canals, the local area of Paddington and Little Venice, developing and putting into practice interview technique, visiting the London Canal Museum and enjoying many exciting and activity-packed trips on board the Floating Classroom.

Life Afloat has also been successfully delivered for Year 3; please contact us for further information.


“I have noticed an improvement in the children’s questioning. In the quality of their questioning. There is a greater confidence with them, they ask more open questions.”

Year 5 Class Teacher


“The stand out benefits of the project are the opportunities to improve the pupils' communication skills. The children really came out of their shell throughout the project. The main thing from the project is that they learn lots of extra skills that we do not have the time to nurture as much in the classroom – confidence, interacting with new people, interviewing completely new people.”

Year 3 Class Teacher

The Floating Classroom family projects are imaginative and ambitious learning and leisure activities that are affordable and accessible to the communities we serve and which open up possibilities for participants.

Families join us over a 2 week period during the school holidays and engage in a whole host of fun learning activities together.

Family Learning Project


“I would like to thank all the people who have been with us through this amazing experience, my daughters got to make new friends and they went on trips I couldn’t even think of. Once again thank you so much.”

Mum Z.


I felt like we were all very special because not everyone got to do this, I think if anyone else got to participate they would have a lot of fun.”

Child P.

In Autumn 2017, The Floating Classroom ran a pilot Literacy project with Hallfield Primary School, funded by Reckless Giving in W2. We developed Time Afloat for Year 2 pupils targeting the key literacy skills of speaking & listening and reading & writing. Pupils entered a time-travelling barge that took them back to learn more about key events in the history of the canals locally and the people that lived and worked on them. This provided the spark for a range of creative learning activities, during which children produced several written pieces. They finished with their own booklet bringing together all that they learned and created over the six weeks of the project.

Literacy Project


It was beneficial…, we’ve talked ourselves about how much we don’t have those opportunities in the classroom for them to really explore talk and use that language and I think it really did benefit those particular children to have that opportunity to do that. Especially in a different setting.”

Leader of Learning at Hallfield Primary

I got better at being more creative and helping some children if they don’t understand when you’re [teacher] trying to explain to them…”

Year 2 child


“(The project) enhanced learning for the EAL children. They enjoyed all the characters that visited, because that brought it so alive for them, they were able to talk about it and write about it really well. Definitely for the children who are very new to English. ”

Hallfield Primary Year 2 class teacher

I was excited the first time because I never been on a boat and when it was time travelling I was surprised!...I felt happy coming every single day.”

Year 2 child

For more detailed information on the trip content, costs and how to book, please contact Cameron Drysdale, our Learning Programme Assistant, on 0203 214 3118 or via our contact page.